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S/He Said This...

" I never thought there could be such a great service anywhere in the world...I must come back to Vancouver... I love my dress!"

Tanya B. Montreal, QC

" Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Walk This Sway made me feel like a Queen... !

Lorna S.B. Calgary, AB

" If you haven't been to Sway, GO!  Its the most fun I've ever had shopping..."

Mary and Steve V., Vancouver, BC

" I want to come back just to see the new 40 foot runway! " 

Maggie C., Burnaby, BC

"I could not be happier with my 'Sway experience'... my friend was right - it was so much fun!"

Chelsea F., Victoria, BC

" The 90-minute appointment flew right by...I've already booked my next one. "

S.J.B., Seattle, WA

Sway's NEW digs - September 1st!