New digs, New designs, and a New future

Ever felt like you were busting at the seams?  

We did.

Until now...

Size matters.  And, when its about your most important work; celebrating and supporting LBGTQ2+ clients, we needed to find a bigger, better, more fabulous space to help Sway girls fulfill their dream of authentic living.

After working with our clients in suite 222 for over three years, we are THRILLED to now move up to the fourth floor ( in the same building ) to a glorious space almost three times the size! Does size matter?  Hell-to-the-YES !  :)  We've learned that if you authentically love what you do, its only natural that you grow, expand, and get bigger.  Wait, that didn't come out right... 

I'm sure you know what I mean; do what you love and watch how things just magically fall into place.  Oh, and that also means work your ass off.  Sway was not built in a day. :) 

The new Sway location has two huge windows to the north and two to the south and offers exceptional views, and a cross-wind that gently blows right through the space.  It's Heaven on the fourth...

We have been so fortunate to be in a location that is LGBTQ2+ friendly since the birth of Walk This Sway on October 7, 2011.  This has helped us thrive and connect with other like-minded businesses and support and celebrate our Sway clients time and time again.  

We love our new location and know you will too.  Easy access ( wheelchair accessible and pet friendly) right on West Pender street ( at Abbott street), gender neutral washrooms, and we can support our Sway clients in a private, professional, discrete, and FUN environment. We are available afternoons,  evenings and on weekends ( most Statutory holidays too).  

Can't make it to downtown Vancouver from the lower mainland? ( Our site is in Gastown) Please do consider contacting us - we have been known to visit clients at their home too!

Much more to come for you soon...

See you at our new suite... Heaven on Fourth.


Much love and gratitude,

Kevin Michael Perry

aka Tatiana Sway


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