Cross-Dresser Starter Sets

Cross-dressing is alive, sexy and doing very well at home and around the globe.  

Whether you are just starting to dress up or you've been at it for awhile, its often a challenge to find something that fits well, is long lasting, and is reasonably priced. We know all to well how frustrating that can be.

We've tried, tested, and believe succeeded at combining the essential items necessary to help you on your cross-dressing Sway...

Over the years, we have heard from numerous girls,  "We want and need some type of under garments that are comfortable, sexy and easy to wear for hours at a time". 

If you are looking for a more feminine shape, or simply want to have the essentials at hand, the starter sets may just be a perfect fit for you.  

And, just cause we LOVE cross-dressers, we are adding your choice of  1 of 20 cocktail dresses at NO CHARGE.

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Walk This Sway's Cross-dresser Starter sets include the following:

1 - Cocktail dress ( 20 styles to choose) 

1 - Bra ( various styles and sizes)

1 - Zipper cinch with bendable boning ( sizes XS to XXXL or Waist 22" to 42" )

1 - Fitted tucking underwear with insert-able hip/butt pads ( S, M, L)


 Just $99 CDN, including shipping 

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