The Sway Design Team


Tatiana Sway ( aka Kevin Michael Perry )

In operation for just six years, Sway owner, designer, and visionary, Kevin Michael Perry, dreamed of offering a place and space that was authentically supportive to his community. (He had experienced intense cruelty and humiliation in the past when shopping for his own dresses). And, after attending business school for two years at night (while working full-time), his dream became a reality.  Sway opened in the fall of 2011 offering a unique environment where like-minded dress enthusiasts could find authentic happiness through professional, personalized, fun shopping.

What’s more valuable than feeling like your authentic self? Not much. 



Photo credit: Nicholas Jang

Three to six times a year, Sway proudly hosts ‘Sway Girls Night Out’ where 40-60 clients, friends and supporters come together for an evening of cocktails, dinner, and ‘accidental paparazzi’, which ultimately culminates into a night of joyous laughter, new connections and lasting new friendships.  Next event promises to be a fabulous night of 100+ attendees.

Sway is excited to announce they are moving to a new, enormous space (in the same secure location) at the end of summer 2017.  What's part of the attraction?  A 40-foot runway!!  Yes, it’s true, honey.  Time to Sway your way…! 



Celestial Seasons

Fashion design, interior design, interior decorating, event design and decorating... there is almost nothing Ms. Seasons can achieve. A native of beautiful Singapore, she has called Vancouver home for almost 20 years. Her sensational design skill has been offered to many Sway clients who requested a one-of-a-kind custom cocktail dress or full-length gown.

As a past Ms. Gay Vancouver, she is no stranger to performing on some local, provincial and national stages with her celebrated, high energy, flawless performances.  She's one of those girls who can change better than a chameleon!



Celestial has successfully designed for Sway from day one and continues to create unique, stylish and ultra-modern dresses.  It’s been said, " Sit with Celestial Seasons at one of Sway's complimentary 90-minute consultations, and watch the magic happen as she sketches your dream dress!"

Celestial wishes everyone the opportunity to, "...get dressed up and have fun -- you deserve it!"


Bryan Martin

Grew up in Central Alberta, and started working in fashion retail at a young age. Years of merchandising allowed curiosity to carve the passion for clothing and fashion. Completing a diploma in Business and Marketing in 2012 helped shape his mind for how vast the world can be, both creatively and in business. 2013, moved to the big city, Vancouver, BC and began Fashion Design school at, formerly known as, the Art Institute of Vancouver.


 Completed a handcrafted, uniquely dyed menswear collection which infused old and new Japan, which earned him "Best in Show" for his graduating class. Taking a small break from the world of Design, he decided to take on more stylist and merchandising positions, retracing back from his roots to gain a better perspective on the business of fashion.

In 2015, he graciously accepted an internship, later to be junior assistant designer for High End Couture label ROXANNE NIKKI. Learning from the opportunity from an outstanding mentor, Bryan could grasp a better idea of the industry.

It is now 2017 and Bryan has bigger goals with a future collaborative label in mind, working full time as a showroom coordinator, and now opened an opportunity with "Walk This Sway Designs".


Why do we do what we do?

For whom do we design? Our dresses are designed and measured to fit any body. And that includes everyone: cross-dressers, transgender persons, two-spirited souls, women, and men. We’ll happily make you a dress from any of the sample dresses in our line. We are here to bring happiness to everyone who loves dresses.

We are a Canadian company, located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, specializing in custom couture cocktail dresses, evening wear, wigs and accessories. Custom items are created by local known and up-and-coming BC designers. See our careers page for more information about joining our free-flowing design team.