Do you design and supply dresses for women?

Our dresses are designed and measured to fit any body.  And that includes everyone; cross-dressers, transgender persons, two-spirited souls, women, and men. We’ll happily make you a dress from any of the sample dresses in our line. We are here to bring happiness to everyone who loves dresses.

When I order a dress from your site, how long does it take to receive it?

If you live in Vancouver, we will deliver it to you for free. For all other areas in BC and other provinces in Canada, a nominal flat fee of $9.50 should cover the delivery through Canada Post.  You are most welcome to have it delivered to you by your favorite courier; let us know and we would be happy to send it collect. USA and International deliveries are $15.00 & $25.00 respectively (all CDN funds).

What is your exchange or return policy?

We will always do our best to match the design to your measurements, however, if you are not satisfied with your dress, contact us.  We will make it work, guaranteed.

Sample dresses are matched to the measurements supplied by clients and we build the build to those specific measurements.  We recommend going this route if you desire a one-of-a-kind item.

I am really interested in buying one of your dresses but I don’t have shoes. Do you sell shoes?

What? You don’t have shoes?  Ok, give us a minute…
You need shoes, honey. STAT.  Our gallery currently supplies lots of dresses; however, shoes not yet.  But we will – for sure in the future. We know so many places that supply fabulous shoes, in lots of sizes ( 6-14 which fit men 7-12) so send us a note for a recommendation. We’ll get you in some pumps (or stilettos for those daring souls!).

Privacy is very important to me, what is your privacy policy?

Walk This Sway Designs is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. We will not collect your personal information unless it is specifically stated that we intend to do so. The only information we collect that can be used to identify you is the information you provide voluntarily and with your consent. Any information collected will not be sold or distributed to any third party in any manner. When you submit a request for information, or sign up for our  future mailing list, you may be asked for basic personal information such as your name, city, or e-mail address. This information is only read by authorized personnel who use it to respond to your requests and inquiries. We make every effort to protect your privacy, but when required, we may have to disclose personal information to comply with law enforcement investigations.

Have a Walk This Sway question for us? Send it to us and we will answer it for you first and then we’ll publish it here for others to see.